Venturing together! Cross-disciplinary network on the microdynamics, activities and development of entrepreneurial groups


Network topic and its relevance in current scientific discourse:

The field of entrepreneurship is at the verge of a paradigm shift: we observe multiple strands of research that emphasize the process of entrepreneuring as collective action undertaken by entrepreneurial groups. These groups have been defined as sets of individuals that jointly discover, evaluate and exploit opportunities (Klotz, Hmieleski, Bradley, & Busenitz, 2014; Ruef, 2010). The increased interest in studying collective engagement in entrepreneurship easily obscures the fact that the empirical and conceptual knowledge about entrepreneurial groups, their micro-dynamics, activities and development is fragmented at best. This unsatisfactory state of research on entrepreneurial groups is particularly surprising given that the empirical phenomenon is not new at all (e.g. Kocka, 1981; Mellewigt & Späth, 2002), and that its relevance for an understanding of economic and entrepreneurial process has long been recognized (e.g. Kamm, Shuman, Seeger, & Nurick, 1990; Gartner, Shaver, Gatewood, & Katz, 1994). At present, two main issues constrain a systematic rethinking of entrepreneurship as collective activity: First, we see halting exchange between management scholars, that largely dominate entrepreneurship research (Landström et al., 2012), social psychologists and sociologist. Second, studying entrepreneurial groups requires a heightened complexity of the research design. The proposed research network is a collaboration of 15 researchers in sociology, entrepreneurship and social psychology from Germany and Sweden who are empirically studying the dynamics in entrepreneurial groups. Our work plan includes three research and three knowledge transfer meetings. More specifically, we address the issues of micro-dynamics, activities and trajectories of entrepreneurial groups in two 1,5 day meetings and a research conference. During these events, we reflect upon our research findings, engage in discussions with international speakers, and exchange our methodological knowledge. The second phase of the proposed network features three 1,5 day meetings dedicated to transferring knowledge into the areas of organization theory, entrepreneurial education and policy-making. Overall, this network will contribute to fill important gaps in the conceptual and empirical knowledge about entrepreneurial groups, integrate sociological approaches into the study of this phenomenon, and raise awareness for the relevance of studying collective entrepreneurship in the field of sociology.
The network is funded by the DFG.


Network members:

Prof. Dr. Anna Brattström, Prof. Dr. Frédéric Delmar, Rebecka Persson, Pamela Nowell, Marie Gutzeit, Dr. Isabell Stamm, Dr. Michael Weinhardt, Dr. Katharina Scheidgen, Prof. Nicola Breugst, Dr. Rebecca Preller, Eva Weissenböck, Prof. Dr. Nadine Kammerlander, Prof. Dr. Julia de Groote, Dr. Birgit Peña Häufer, Sulyn (Lyn) Cheng


Dr. Maren Brokert, Prof. Dr. Jan Kratzer


Upcoming meetings:


Research meeting 7: Academic Outreach & Data Management

Date: 27th - 28th September 2021

Place: online - hosted by Julia de Grote und Nadine Kammerlander (WHU)

Content: The next network meeting of the DFG-sponsored research network “Venturing Together” will focus on academic outreach and data management and analysis. For the focus topic of academic outreach, the interactive sessions will have different foci, including university-start-up collaborations and knowledge transfer, academics on social media, and preparing presentations to non-academic audiences. For the data management and analysis part of the sessions, we will discuss the preparation and analysis of team data, for example, in the context of multi-level and diary studies.


Previous meetings:


Research Meeting 2: Activities

Date: 1-2 April 2019

Place: Technical University Munich

Content: This meeting focuses on the various venturing activities of entrepreneurial groups including internal decision-making and external expectations for action. The discussion is enriched by an input on gender and social mobility aspects of entrepreneurial activity and features a methods focus on field experiments.

Research Meeting 3: Conference on Entrepreneurial Group Trajectories

Date: 25-27 September 2019

Place: Technical University Berlin

Content: This research conference focuses on the long-term development of entrepreneurial groups. Selected empirical contributions on transitions and watersheds in the trajectory of a group will be discussed. In addition, the conference will feature a panel discussion on the data-infrastructure to study long-term group development. It will also host a workshop on longitudinal network analysis.

Research meeting 4: Current state of Research

Date: 16-17 June 2020

Place: online - hosted by Anna Brattström (Sweden)

Content: Two years into our program, it is a good time to take stock of where we are at and discuss our future research interests. Topics for discussion in this virtual meeting include: Current state of research on new venture teams: what are the most recent advancements and what are the remaining puzzles to be solved? Publishing: what are our different experiences of publishing new venture team research and what can we learn from them? Moving forward: what future research interests or projects are we engaged in and do we see opportunities for new forms of collaboration?

Research meeting 5: Cross-discliplinary Network on Entrepreneurial Groups

Date: 21-22 September 2020

Place: online - hosted by Nicola Breugst (Team Munich)

Content: This conference focused on creating synergies between entrepreneurial team research and teaching.


Research meeting 6:

Date: 15 und 16.03.2021

Place: online - hosted by Isabell, Michael und Marie (TU Berlin)

Content: As topical focus we planned: data collection (collecting team data online/during pandamic; and third-party funding acquisition (funders out oft he box, learning from failure, assessors).



Speaker of the network: Dr. Isabell Stamm
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel.: +4930 314 27942

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